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Micro-Management Systems began selling computer systems in 1993 with one small goal in mind. Work to earn a reasonable profit by providing really good products and services to satisfy our customers so they will keep coming back. And they did. In fact they told other people about us too. Now over ten years later, we have grown to build a new facility in Dublin, Georgia serving the local market and the nation all under one roof. The dream of three partners Darrell Harrell, Tony Bowman and Connie Harrell is coming true. In fact, the dream has spread to others in our company as they pursue the long-term benefits of building successful specialty divisions within our company to support the growing needs of our customers. Locally, Micro-Management has become a household word and that word is still spreading. These days customers are calling us from all over the country to get the products and services we provide.

What began as a small point of sale software and computer sales/repair shop has evolved into a major operation providing cabling, networking, computer and server systems, hands on technical consultation and repair services as well as the consumer products relative to every aspect of the services we provide. Today we provide our expertise to hospitals, school systems, airports, municipalities and the federal government, office buildings, home offices and the neighbor who lives around the corner or up the road. Micro-Management Systems provides jobs and income to local area residents and our field crews working in states all over the country. We offer free & fee-based training classes for our customers and up and coming computer systems specialists.

Please take some time to browse the web site here and contact us for more detailed, informed answers and solutions. You may also visit our ISP, NetLine America, where we provide dial up internet services for thousands of customers in middle Georgia. After serving so many , we believe we have the resources, knowledge and ability to provide you what you need. The simple goal we began with has lead us to where we are now, and, to where you are now. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to get the best in service and attitude by allowing us the pleasure of your business.

Best Wishes,
Tony Bowman & Connie Harrell & The Whole MMS Gang!
MMS, Inc.


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